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in-house counsel

In-house counsel can be expensive, but legal needs will not go away unless they are addressed and outside counsel can be even more expensive. 

Hance Fractional Counsel, PC provides top tier in-house counsel to your team on a part-time or “fractional” basis.

Services can be either an “outside general counsel” or fill a specific need on an existing team. For example, supplement an existing team or process by adding review of contracts, or drafting/reviewing Securities and Exchange Commission filings. 







Hance Fractional Counsel was founded by Timothy R. Hance, a California licensed attorney.

Mr. Hance is a graduate of Harvard Law School and an experienced in-house general counsel for public and private companies. Mr. Hance was trained at Cooley LLP, an elite law firm for the startup/tech industry.

Mr. Hance provides all services for Hance Fractional Counsel.

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